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New updates and improvements we’ve made to Starlight.

Jun 16, 2023

Authenticator app support and file attachments


We are happy to introduce the following improved security and transaction features:

  • Authenticator app support: Users will now be able to leverage authenticator apps for two-factor authentication. 
  • File attachments for transactions: Starlight now allows users to upload files alongside transactions, providing an additional method to add context to payments and receipts.

Jun 8, 2023

Account management, improved insights, and more


We are excited to introduce our latest set of updates. Among these improvements are new features and improved functionality that will allow you to better manage your accounts, derive new insights from your portfolio, and improve your ability to modify payment and organization details. 

A new way to manage accounts

  • Manage your accounts from the sidebar: Users can now navigate to the redesigned Accounts page through the side panel on any main page. Here you will be able add and organize all wallets, accounts, and whitelisted wallets.
  • Create a list of favorites: Favorite wallets within the Accounts page to add them to a shortlist of easily accessible accounts in the sidebar, allowing you to switch between your most used accounts with just one click.
  • Group your accounts: You can now use the + Add new button on the Accounts page to create account groups. Once created, users can group and ungroup accounts to create custom views for different operating and reporting needs.

Derive insights

  • Toggle your P&L views: With our redesigned Insights, users can apply filters across categories, currencies, and contacts to easily manage and view transactions across wallets.

Feature fixes

  • User and payment details deletion: We've implemented fixes to ensure that users can properly delete and re-add wire details and delete users from their organization when needed.
May 30, 2023

Wallet connection improvements & more


We are pleased to announce Starlight's latest improvements:

  • Starlight now supports MATIC on the Polygon network: Alongside USDC, users can seamlessly trade and transfer MATIC on Polygon.
  • Improved wallet connection: Access wallet connection from anywhere on Starlight without needing to navigate to the Settings page.
  • Generated statements for all wallets: You can now download monthly statements for all noncustodial wallets, along with previously available statements for custodial wallets and deposit accounts.
Apr 20, 2023

Introducing Crypto Invoices on Starlight


We're excited to announce crypto invoicing, the newest addition to the Starlight platform. With the ability to directly invoice and collect payment from Starlight, receiving and tracking a business's crypto payments have never been easier. This release will enable companies to:

  • Receive payments in crypto to any wallet: Payments can be received to the Starlight wallet or any linked non-custodial wallet on Starlight. We are currently supporting payments on Ethereum Mainnet through USDC, USDT, MATIC, ETH.
  • Create an invoice with a live preview: Dynamically create the invoice and get a live preview of the payment page and PDF.
  • Issue invoices with one easy payment link: Invoices are sent using a simple payment link. Quickly copy and send to receive your payment.
  • Simple payment: No account creation needed. Customers can easily pay once connecting their wallet.
  • Track the invoice's payment statuses: Check if a payment has been made, cancelled, or incomplete. Starlight will check if the payment has been confirmed on-chain and if the wallet has received the funds.
  • Invoices automatically attach to your transactions: Starlight automatically will attach the invoice to your transaction and reflect the payment in your balance, wallet view, and statements so you have everything in one place ready to sync to your books.
Mar 29, 2023

Automated trades and transfers


We're excited to announce the addition of automated crypto onramps, offramps, and transfers. This new features allows users to set rules for onramps, offramps, and transfers between bank accounts, crypto wallets, and currencies. Automating transactions provide companies with a more efficient and convenient experience, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Common needs for automation include:

  • Automatically offramping crypto and sending it to a bank account when a wallet receives crypto deposits from a customer
  • Automatically onramping fiat funds to send to a smart contract for product operations
Mar 28, 2023

Supporting USDC Polygon


We are excited to announce that Starlight now supports USDC on the Polygon network, providing our users with faster and cheaper transactions. This integration opens up new possibilities for our users, allowing them to access the Polygon ecosystem while taking advantage of the stability and transparency of USDC. Users can now seamlessly trade and transfer USDC on Polygon.

Mar 28, 2023

Trade is now more performant and stable


We’ve improved our Trade page to be performant and addressed some minor bugs.

  • Rewrote quote fetching logic for stability
  • Added Max Amount button for Sells
  • Search now finds USDC Polygon trade page
  • Sorting by % change now has correct ordering
Mar 8, 2023

Introducing Altair


We are pleased to announce our latest release, Altair. This release includes new features, refreshed designs, and large infrastructure changes to help your team:

  • Stay on top of your organization’s treasury
  • Save time making payments
  • Streamline bookkeeping and taxes

Stay on top your organization’s treasury

  • Integrated treasury: We've redesigned the treasury to provide you with a useful overview of your organization’s treasury. You can integrate your safes, wallets, and bank accounts to get a high-level view of your treasury's composition and balances. You can even break down this month’s inflows and outflows across currencies, transaction categories, and payment contacts.
  • Integrate any Ethereum non-custodial wallet: Integrate any Ethereum non-custodial wallet to view, manage, and create transactions directly from Starlight. With your non-custodial transactions added to Starlight, you can add deeper context to transactions, getting you a more complete picture of your company's treasury.
  • Switching between multiple organizations: For organizations with multiple sub-entities, you can now create and switch between the Starlight organizations. This makes it easy to clearly separate each entity's treasury and navigate between them in one click. 
  • Gnosis Safe NFT support: View and manage NFTs in Starlight through linked Gnosis Safes. Now you can view NFT transactions and floor prices, all within Starlight.

Save time making payments

  • Automate your financial operations: Does your team have a treasury operator constantly on-ramping funds or transferring crypto between wallets? Use our automations to make this process faster and safer.
  • Batch payroll payments with bulk Gnosis Safe transactions: We've added the ability to batch crypto payments through integrated Gnosis safe bulk transactions, making it easier and more efficient to manage contractor payroll or DAO contributor payments. Simply go to Move Money → Send Funds → select your safe → manually add recipients or use the CSV uploader.
  • Send funds with contacts: Sending funds lets you select a contact instead of needing to constantly copy-paste wallet addresses. Contacts can be created directly while sending funds for future ease. As your team increases the number of recipient addresses, Starlight helps to maintain context on the identity of those payment contacts. 
  • Create multiple Starlight checking accounts: For organizations with complex fiat transactions, creating multiple Starlight checking accounts helps to streamline fiat financial operations especially when working with third parties. Starlight allows you to seamlessly send, receive, and trade between accounts. 

Streamline bookkeeping and taxes

  • Add a memo to your transaction: Use memos to add more context to Gnosis proposals, outgoing payments, or incoming revenue. Save bookkeepers the hassle of needing to chase you down when reconciling transactions. Simply click on a transaction and click the memo section to add a memo. All memos are exportable in the account and wallet statements.
  • Statements for tax season: We've revamped our statements to provide important information for your bookkeeper and accountants, just in time for tax season. The refreshed account and wallet statements contain now include: cost basis, categories, memos, transactions by settled date, and wallet statement overviews by currencies.

More changes 

  • Partnering with Zero Hash for crypto liquidity, custody, and security: We're excited to have a strong partnership with Zero Hash to provide crypto services for you. Read more about our partnership here
  • Refreshed avatars: Users, contacts, and account avatars got a face lift. User and contact avatars will now show initials to improve scanning transactions. 

We hope that these changes, guided by your feedback, will enable you to quickly make and manage payments on Starlight. 

Dec 1, 2022

Notify signers of pending Gnosis transactions


Close the gap between initiating and hunting down signers to co-sign a Gnosis transaction with our improved notification system. After a safe owner initiates a transaction on a Gnosis safe, they can notify other signers through the transaction sidebar that the transaction needs signatures. If signers are Starlight users, they'll be notified over email with a link to quickly sign the transaction.

Nov 18, 2022

Starlight is now on Plaid


Starlight can now be integrated via Plaid connect. Integrate Starlight with any tool connected with Plaid to pull in your balance and transactions to any platform. To get started, search for Starlight in Plaid, enter your phone number, and link your Starlight account.

Nov 16, 2022

Improved selector component designs


With recent customer feedback on our button visibility, we’ve improved our button, dropdown, and field component designs to optimize for more clarity. Throughout our app, you will see that our components now have a sleeker form with higher contrast fills and outlines.

Nov 11, 2022

Bookkeepers now have view-only access to accounts


To safely provide more visibility for bookkeepers, we've enabled access for bookkeepers to view account transaction and balance details. Bookkeepers are also now able to categorize transactions and add contacts.

Other fixes

  • Improved contacts performance
  • Improvements to reading in on-chain data to our core ledger
  • Infrastructure improvements

Nov 1, 2022

Introducing Antares


We're excited to announce our Antares release, our largest release this year. This release centers around large improvements to our ledger, unlocking new abilities to sync, streamline, and contextualize your data. We believe that it's important not only to enable seamless payments, but to make your payments data meaningful to your business decisions, all while remaining secure and compliant.

In this release we're launching a wide range of upgraded features. We've upgraded the treasury view and portfolio views, added contacts, transaction transparency, token support for MATIC (ERC-20), and categories for your transactions. You can view full release notes below by feature. Click here to experience the new release.


The new treasury view is packed with insights to give you a birds-eye view of your company's treasury. This view contains:

  • Monthly insights to track your company's money movement across your deposit, wallet, and safes. View the total funds flowing in and out of your treasury, as well as a preview of your most recent transactions.
  • Label your transactions with categories and see how much your company receives or spends by category each month.
  • A new home to manage your accounts. Head over to Manage Accounts to import or create Gnosis Safes or link your company's bank accounts.

Transaction Transparency

The new accounts view for your deposit, custodial wallet, and gnosis safe, features increased visibility on your transactions

  • Get real time awareness on pending transactions
  • View your transaction's timeline to see past states exactly when they occurred, and future states. For physical checks, get ETAs on your estimated check arrival.


Organize your transactions and group them by categories. Categories allow other team members and bookkeepers better understand how money is spent or generated. This release of categories includes:

  • Labeling transactions with custom categories
  • Trades are automatically labeled with the Exchange category
  • View how much flows in and out of a given category each month


Contacts help contextualize transactions to vendors, customers, or employees. Whether you're paying a contractor overseas or collecting income on a project, contacts allow you to label an address or bank and know who you're exchanging with. This feature contains:

  • Receiving a smart list of payment addresses to link with a contact
  • Linking a transaction to a new or existing contact
  • Automatic syncing of a contact across all past and future transactions
  • Viewing your last transaction with a specific contact

Trade Returns

In the Trade tab, the upgraded portfolio view now calculates portfolio returns on your crypto balance. With this, you'll be able to view your company's asset gains and losses.

Other improvements

  • MATIC (ERC-20) support
  • Gnosis safe parsing improvements for swaps and multi-send transactions
  • Gnosis safe spam alert warnings for suspicious transactions
  • Changes to the custodial wallet and deposit account views. The wallet address and bank account details can be found in the overflow menu on the respective account pages.
  • Removed the currency toggle from the page. All crypto transactions will contain the native currency amount and a USD conversion.
  • Performance fixes