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New updates and improvements we’ve made to Starlight.

Dec 1, 2022

Notify signers of pending Gnosis transactions


Close the gap between initiating and hunting down signers to co-sign a Gnosis transaction with our improved notification system. After a safe owner initiates a transaction on a Gnosis safe, they can notify other signers through the transaction sidebar that the transaction needs signatures. If signers are Starlight users, they'll be notified over email with a link to quickly sign the transaction.

Nov 18, 2022

Starlight is now on Plaid


Starlight can now be integrated via Plaid connect. Integrate Starlight with any tool connected with Plaid to pull in your balance and transactions to any platform. To get started, search for Starlight in Plaid, enter your phone number, and link your Starlight account.

Nov 16, 2022

Improved selector component designs


With recent customer feedback on our button visibility, we’ve improved our button, dropdown, and field component designs to optimize for more clarity. Throughout our app, you will see that our components now have a sleeker form with higher contrast fills and outlines.

Nov 11, 2022

Bookkeepers now have view-only access to accounts


To safely provide more visibility for bookkeepers, we've enabled access for bookkeepers to view account transaction and balance details. Bookkeepers are also now able to categorize transactions and add contacts.

Other fixes

  • Improved contacts performance
  • Improvements to reading in on-chain data to our core ledger
  • Infrastructure improvements

Nov 1, 2022

Introducing Antares


We're excited to announce our Antares release, our largest release this year. This release centers around large improvements to our ledger, unlocking new abilities to sync, streamline, and contextualize your data. We believe that it's important not only to enable seamless payments, but to make your payments data meaningful to your business decisions, all while remaining secure and compliant.

In this release we're launching a wide range of upgraded features. We've upgraded the treasury view and portfolio views, added contacts, transaction transparency, token support for MATIC (ERC-20), and categories for your transactions. You can view full release notes below by feature. Click here to experience the new release.


The new treasury view is packed with insights to give you a birds-eye view of your company's treasury. This view contains:

  • Monthly insights to track your company's money movement across your deposit, wallet, and safes. View the total funds flowing in and out of your treasury, as well as a preview of your most recent transactions.
  • Label your transactions with categories and see how much your company receives or spends by category each month.
  • A new home to manage your accounts. Head over to Manage Accounts to import or create Gnosis Safes or link your company's bank accounts.

Transaction Transparency

The new accounts view for your deposit, custodial wallet, and gnosis safe, features increased visibility on your transactions

  • Get real time awareness on pending transactions
  • View your transaction's timeline to see past states exactly when they occurred, and future states. For physical checks, get ETAs on your estimated check arrival.


Organize your transactions and group them by categories. Categories allow other team members and bookkeepers better understand how money is spent or generated. This release of categories includes:

  • Labeling transactions with custom categories
  • Trades are automatically labeled with the Exchange category
  • View how much flows in and out of a given category each month


Contacts help contextualize transactions to vendors, customers, or employees. Whether you're paying a contractor overseas or collecting income on a project, contacts allow you to label an address or bank and know who you're exchanging with. This feature contains:

  • Receiving a smart list of payment addresses to link with a contact
  • Linking a transaction to a new or existing contact
  • Automatic syncing of a contact across all past and future transactions
  • Viewing your last transaction with a specific contact

Trade Returns

In the Trade tab, the upgraded portfolio view now calculates portfolio returns on your crypto balance. With this, you'll be able to view your company's asset gains and losses.

Other improvements

  • MATIC (ERC-20) support
  • Gnosis safe parsing improvements for swaps and multi-send transactions
  • Gnosis safe spam alert warnings for suspicious transactions
  • Changes to the custodial wallet and deposit account views. The wallet address and bank account details can be found in the overflow menu on the respective account pages.
  • Removed the currency toggle from the page. All crypto transactions will contain the native currency amount and a USD conversion.
  • Performance fixes