Life at Starlight

Discovering a Constellation: Meet Tiffany

Meet our Product Manager, Tiffany Chang.

A constellation is a group of stars that form a particular shape in the sky. Though each star has its own orbit, they come together to create something incredible. That's why we’ve created the Discovering a Constellation series - we hope you use these pages to get to know the luminaries behind Starlight.

What do you work on at Starlight?

I lead product at Starlight. My day-to-day involves a wide range of responsibilities ranging from conducting research, defining the roadmap, scoping a new feature, addressing customer feedback, and occasionally designing. For our users, my goal is to ensure we strategically deliver upon their needs today and tomorrow. For the team, that we have a shared sense of focus and momentum towards our goals. 

What were you up to before you joined the team?

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with studies in statistics, business analytics, and computer science. After graduation, I joined Atlassian’s APM program where I laid the foundation for Atlassian’s Free program and scaled the US APM program. Most notably, I grew a variety of teams/programs for their largest product offering across: growth, mobile, infrastructure, and talent. Prior to Atlassian, I was a freelance designer working across various startups like Knoetic (f.k.a. Twine) and building the team and products at Penn Labs.

Why did you choose Starlight?

Though I never envisioned joining a startup as the first hire (primarily anticipated starting something on my own), I sought a few main qualities for my career that I found within Starlight:

  • The people: Humble, sharp, and driven teammates with good character who are not afraid to dream for something bigger
  • The opportunity to build: a great team, a great product, and a great business
  • The support network: a solid group of investors, advisors, and friends who will help us succeed as we adapt to the changing environment

And while some may think the “founder dream” is on pause, one of the best parts of joining Starlight is being part of a team that actively supports these goals.

What’s your favorite Starlight memory?

My favorite memories at Starlight happen at our lunch table (we all eat at the same time)! Whether it's a board game or a deep conversation on a major market event, I'm grateful to be able to have fun and learn from my teammates every day through our work and in our down time. 

Who is someone you admire on the team and why?

One person I admire on our team is Joanne. Joanne is our product designer who is a fresh graduate from undergrad. Though this may be her first product design gig, Joanne's insane talent and ability to learn pushes our company's design every day. 

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and enjoy surfing at sunrise, playing beach volleyball, and hosting dinner parties. One thing people find surprising is that I'm a competitive recreational ping pong player, and I am now the unofficial office ping pong coach. 

What has been your greatest source of motivation?

My greatest source of motivation is my parents. All children of immigrant parents can attest to their dedication and sacrifice to build a solid foundation for the next generation, but I’m most motivated by their selfless love for their family and community. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I’m proud that I’ve found balance in my life: mentally, physically, professionally, and emotionally. I’ve historically been focused on pursuing one or a few of these dimensions, but have neglected the importance of growth in all. Moving into my professional career, I’ve been able to happily pursue meaningful career growth while sleeping (yes, eight hours every day), working out 3-4x a week, cooking and hosting with friends, and every few months, pushing my mental and physical strength by training for various athletic events.